Inside Upper90 Magazine

State Soccer Association Update

As part of our partnership, four pages of each issue will be dedicated to the state soccer association. The state soccer association will be able to reach the entire soccer body through Upper90 Magazine and keep everyone easily updated on all of the latest information that impacts your soccer experience.

This section will include:

  • Updates from the Executive Director/Technical Director
  • Olympic Development Program (ODP) and Elite Player Development (EPD) News
  • Licensing Calendar for Coaches


To ensure we fuel the growth and passion for soccer in the state, our departments range from personal training activities to information on taking your game to the collegiate level. We want to stay true to our 3E approach of exciting, educating, and evolving our message to the soccer body by delivering content from everyone — players, parents, coaches, and the curious.

The departments include:

  • iSTAMP – Individual Soccer Training Activities Make Professionals
  • Coaches Corner – Player growth, nutrition, psychology, and practice plans
  • Collegiate Corner – College soccer news and scholarship information
  • Fitness and Sports Medicine – Guidance and advice on player health
  • Rules and Regulations – Explaining rules and the latest regulations
  • Soccer News – Quick reads on soccer around the globe
  • Product Showcase – Exciting products to improve your game


With any successful magazine, the features help build the identity of the brand. Our features will include profiles of teams as well as professional teams in Europe with home grown players from the United States. The features in each issue will be based on the editorial focus for that issue.


What good is a soccer magazine about local soccer without specific information about soccer in your state? This is where we want to hear from you. We want team managers to submit stories to our editors about their teams along with photos for us to run in each issue. Stories that have great images will be given priority.

  • Competitive – Highlights from league and tournament play for Region3, SRPL, ECNL, DI, and DII teams
  • Recreational – Highlights from league and tournament play around the state
  • Adult and Intramural – Updates on league play and opportunities for anyone looking to play


As the sport of soccer grows in our state and around the country, we want to build awareness of the higher levels of play that are available. Following the success and failures of clubs is part of the joy and grief we all face as fans. Younger players in the United States are starting to make major impacts at higher levels of play, and it’s a testament to the quality of training younger players are starting to receive. Following these stories and focusing on the paths to success is one part of our mission to excite the soccer community.

This section will include updates from:

  • National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL)
  • Major League Soccer (MLS)
  • U.S. National Soccer Team – Men’s and Women’s teams updates


The spotlight sections is where we want to give clubs around the state an opportunity to promote their teams and players. Upper90 Magazine will become a promotional tool to help young talent take their skills to colleges, academy programs, and event professional levels of play. With stories about specific teams and players, this is your opportunity to get yourself or your player exposure.

  • Minimum of four clubs in the state will be spotlighted each issue
  • Two teams from each club
  • Two players from each club

Additional Sections

As part of our dedicated effort to grow the sport of soccer, there will be a listing of events taking place over the two to four months following when the issue was published. Each event will have a point of contact and dates, ensuring we provided everyone with all available options on how to expand their soccer exposure. With soccer becoming increasingly competitive, some players are looking for ways to get an edge through specialized training. That is where our Personal Training Index will be a valuable resource.

  • Calendar of Events – Camps, clinics, tournaments
  • Personal Trainer Index – Broken down by district